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Our course spots winter 2018/2019

This winter season we have snowkiting courses in three favorite spots in Namdalen's kite nirvana! Røyrvik and Namsskogan both near Børgefjell National Park and at Grongs Bjørgan ski center. Our 3 day course will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to snowkiting. The goal of the course is to teach you how to safely snowkite on your own. Tundra Tours will provide the instructor and all the necessary kite gear such as helmets, harnesses and the kites. You need to bring your own skies (if not you can rent) and preferably your own helmet. Be sure to have appropriately warm clothes for outdoor use in arctic conditions. More info about what you need to bring etc. is provided when booking. Accommodation can be organised through us. Choose from Limingen Gjestegård (Hotel), or at our "Tundra Tours cabin" in Røyrvik or directly through Grongs Bjørgan ski center.

Have you been on one of our courses previously? If so, don't forget to join our Kite Camps that we have throughout the winter which are specifically tailored for those who have learned how to kite but want to take their skills to the next level or simply want to refresh their skills. This is a perfect way to just simply have fun and hang with other kiters. See you on the mountain!



Ever wanted to learn snowkiting?

This is the perfect course for you. We start with the basics before we adventure out with skies and kites. This course teaches you how to master snowkiting so that you can go out on your own with some practice. We will go through safety, the wind window, launch and stearing of the kite, packing the kite and the lines before we introduce the skies all in a safe manner. Here you buy your place on one of our snowkiting courses in Røyrvik. The courses start on a Friday evening with classroom theory and distribution of equipment etc. Saturday and Sunday is hands on out on the snow. If any accommodation is needed, this must be booked separately. We can offer you home stay / B&B at our house, or we have a optional cabin stay at our very own “Tundra Tours cabin” that is located only 2 min from one of our kiting spots! Or accommodation is available with our partners at Limingen Gjestegård(Hotel). You choose. An info-mail will be sent out in advance of your course. Røyrvik is located at the gateway to Børgefjell National park. Here we have lots of available spots for kiting and we are therefore flexible with the wind in mind. Røyrvik is a mecca for snowkiting with its fantastic lakes and mountain range. This is Nord-Trøndelag and Namdalens best snowkiting destination and we typically have snow from November till May. This is the spot for both national and international snowkiting enthusiasts. Tundra Tours have courses throughout the winter season.

Course program

Friday: We meet promptly at 6pm at Limingen Gjestegård. We go through the basic theory, safety, and the gear we will use, and go through the plan for the next day.
Saturday: Meet at the Limingen Gjestegård Café at 9:30am where we leave together to the kiting spot of the day. We will focus on unpacking/packing of kite, the bridles and safety before we start practising the launch and stearing of the kite, landing and launching of a kite safely. Depending on how fast you learn how to handle the kite safely you might even be snowkiting with skies on by the end of the day. We typically end the session at aproximately 4pm.
Sunday: Meet at the Limingen Gjestegård Café at 09:30 where we leave together to the kiting spot of the day. We contionue the training from where we left off on Saturday. Some of you might need to recap and practice a bit more before you can snowkite with skies / snowboard, while others might already be on their skies or snowboard straight away. We end the last kiting session roughly at 4pm. Changes might happen to the time table but your instructor Bernie will keep you informed.


Accomedation is not included in the course price. Booking of accommodation can be done with us directly by sending us an email. Please be sure to let us know what type of accommodation you would prefer: Homestay / B&B NOK 600,- per night, Cabin NOK1000,- per night or Hotel NOK 850,- Singel room NOK 1050,- Double room per night. Email is to be sent to or phone +47 97 10 11 30

What you need to bring

Tundra Tours provide kites and harnesses for everyone. You will need to bring good warm winter clothes and warm wool underwear as well as wooly socks, hat, and gloves, your own skies or snowboard and poles, helmet and googles.

Ski: slalom-/randonee-/telemarkskies with heal lock is required for beginers in snowkiting. Crosscountry skies are not recommended as they are too unstable. You can also use snowboard, if you are already an experienced boarder. Remember that duck stance is required if you are snowboarding so that you can kite both directions.
Our instructors recommend using skis in preference to a snowboard on our courses as it is easier to learn on skies and your kiting skills will progress faster. You can switch to a snowboard if you prefer later.
We recommend that you bring a warm duffel jacket for when we take our breaks, as well as high warm winter boots and sunglasses. Also bring a packed lunch, snacks and a thermos for warm drinks as well as a water bottle. You will get thirsty.

Wind guarantee

The weather on the mountain can change fast, something that we have no control over. Therefore we offer a free followup course to anyone that does not manage to fly a kite during the course due to no wind or too much wind.

Equipment offers

We use Ozone, Access and Blizzard foil kites as well as Naish and Cabrinha tube kites. We will give individual assessments if desired for the recommended sizes and equipment to suit each of our students.

Age and fitness

This is a sport that suits most age groups, all genders and fitness levels. We have had people on our courses from the age of 14 to 75. Participants of most fitness levels can learn how to snow kite. Their progress will be at different speeds however. Participants under the age of 18 need written consent from their parent or guardian and participants under the age of 16 needs to have their parent or guardian with them throughout the course. The youngest participant we currently take is age 14 on a group course. However private courses can be arranged for kids from the age of 6.

All our courses require a 2 people minimum booking. A mail will be sendt before the course, with more info and details of the course.

Course leader with Tundra Tours is Bernard “Bernie” O’Sullivan. All practical questions regarding the course should be directed to Bernie by phone on 97101130 or mail to

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