3 Days 2 Nights Family Winter Experience

kr 6.000,00 inc. VAT


    3 days camping with 2 nights in lavvu tent


    2 – 10



    (No experience needed)

  •  AGE



    NOK 6.000,- per person


    • Pulks
    • Tents as accommodation during the trip
    • All meals during your stay

    • Transfer to and from the airport
    • (can be organised as an extra)
    • Beverages
    • Skis & poles (can be rented let us know in advance)
    • Ski boots (can be rented let us know in advance)
    • Sleepingbags and sleeping matt (can be rented let us know in advance)

    Ski tours, ski games, snow cave, ice fishing

    This depends on the weather conditions as this can change quickly in the mountains.


    How to stay warm:

    • Long thermal underwear top and bottoms (Preferably of wool)
    • Thick wool jumper
    • Thick wool/fleece trouser
    • Thick wool/fleece jumper
    • Face mask or a buff
    • Warm hat (preferably made of wool)
    • Mittens (not finger gloves)
    • Inner finger gloves for mittens
    • Wind and waterproof jacket
    • Wind and waterproof trousers

    Change of clothes:

    This is really important if any of your clothing gets wet or damp from rain, snow or sweat.

    • Long thermal underwear top and bottom (Preferably of wool)
    • Pullover
    • Wool socks
    • Gloves


    • Ski googles
    • Sunglasses with UV-filter
    • Sun screen Factor +50 (period March-April)
    • Body warmer (A sleeveless vest for core body warmth)
    • Towel and toiletries
    • Thermos
    • Camera & batteries
    • Snacks; chocolate, biscuits, drinks etc. for the evenings
    • Head torch & extra batteries
    • Day pack / small backpack for personal items, water etc.
    • Camping mattress for winter use
    • Sleeping bag for minus -18C / -20 C (Take contact if you don’t have!)

    Please be aware that you might experience cloudy days, white-out and even a snowstorm. Therefore its important that you also are prepared for that

    We will provide

    • The guide
    • The tents
    • Pulks
    • All other necessary tour equipment


  • DAY 1

    We start the day bright and early. Have a solid breakfast (recommend porridge as it last) Tundra Tours will be at Limingen Gjestegård no later then 10am. All of the equipment such as skies, poles and pulks are to be loaded in to the van (It will be handouts of rental gear if needed. Tundra Tours needs to be informed in advance if any gear is needed) All of the food for the tour such as breakfast, lunch and dinner will Tundra Tours bring as well as spoons and cups. Any extra snacks you would like to bring can be purchased down at the local shop “Jokeren” We will then pack our pulk (sleds) or in your backpack. Now.. We are ready to start the adventure! We set off as soon as this is in place. After a short car ride we get our gear on, and off we go. Through breathtaking and open landscape, we will only ski a few kilometres over the tundra before we arrive our camp. As soon as we get settled we will start preparing our dinner. Our home for the night will be in our lavvu / tipi tent with our wood stove to keep us warm. Each lavvu rooms up to 5 people here you can rest with a good book, chill out or go outside and have a great snowball fight. Always fun for both the “big kids” and actual kids 🙂 On clear nights there are stars brighter than you have ever seen them before or if we are lucky the Aurora Borealis might make an appearance.

    DAY 2

    We start the day as we please. Breakfast is served around 9am. The day is planned around the the wood stove in the lavvu while we still are in our sleeping bags. The options are just relaxing in or by the tent, skiing to the hills, make ski jumps and have a competition (always fun) tobogganing. Or maybe you wanna try out ice fishing? Lunch will be served outdoors or in the tent, compares where we will be during the day. But dinner will be served in the comfort of the lavvu were we enjoy the last night out, as tomorrow we are packing up and returning back to the civilisation.

    DAY 3

    You get woken up with a warm brew served by our Tundra Tours guide. Breakfast follows shortly after. Today is our last day, but before we leave we get the chance to have some fun before we need to pack up and leave for the cars. As soon as we are by the cars again, we load up our gear and head back to Limingen Gjestegård. Here we end the tour and you can finally take a warm shower before we all get together for dinner later and share the stories and photos from the tour.