Handmade wooden cups

kr 500,00 inc. VAT

Handmade wooden cups for only NOK 500,- Lovely handmade cups made out of knots from a tree that is found high the mountains just at the tree line where the tundra starts and no trees are to be found. This type of trees are extremely harden, something that makes this cup perfect for this type of use. These cups won’t crack. As all of our cups are handmade, no cup is identical something that gives the cup a character. This is a cup that you want to bring on hikes and camping trips. You should never leave the house without it in your backpack. The coffee also taste so much better in a wooden cup. It will also prevent you to get any¬†chemicals¬†in to you when drinking a hot beverage, like some of the plastic cups do, when they get exposed to warm liquid. This cup is the perfect gift for any outdoor entusiast!