October 29, 2019 J. Bernard O'Sullivan No comments exist

Trøndelag BESTE Kitekurs!

Winter is knocking at our doors here in Namsskogan, Trøndelag. As I am typing the snow is falling gently outside our living room window as the fire crackling away in the wood stove. We simply LOVE winter!

On the 6th Desember our first snowkiting classes will be held here at the foothills of Børgefjell National Park, and we are super excited! We have only 2 spot left 😀 If you wanna join, then get in touch NOW. I don’t think that we have got so many eager kiters booked this quickly before 🙂 Over the last three years we have worked really hard to promote this aria for kiters and finally, it seams like now finally, this place is getting the recognition it really deserves. In fact this place is actually Trøndelags BEST Kite spot with snow and wind guarantee!

With our eager instructors, you are sure to learn this sport in no time! (We recommend that you know how to ski before start snowkiting) It’s the fastes growing sport and we understand why. This is so much fun 😀 Don’t worry its safe, under our instructions you will be in safe hands throughout your snowkiting class. Get inspired and get pumped by watching one of our kiting films attached below (Ps! The film is in Norwegian)

Trøndelag BESTE Kitekurs


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