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Limingen Gjestegård

When you get to your retreat at Limingen Gjestegård you will be given space to relax and enjoy nature and the scenery.

Owner and host Hilde Trones will make sure you will be looked after after long days out kiting, skiing, hiking or on any other exiting tour. To book you're stay with Limingen Gjestegård contact the Hotel direct by sending Hilde an email to

Limingen Gjestegård
Limingen Gjestegård
Limingen Gjestegård
Limingen Gjestegård

Jomafjellet - "Solgløtt"

Tundra Tours Cabin:

The Tundra Tours cabin "Solgløtt" at "Jomafjellet" are located at our exclusive kite spot, in other words it is really popular cabin with all of our kiters that are on our courses or on one of our kite camps.

To get to the cabin, you need to drive towards Hudningsdalen. It is the same road you would drive if you where to continue to Sweden if driving from Røyrvik. The cabin is located just off the main road, and it's easy to access as it has a road up to the front dore more or less. You will even see it from the road,  just look for the big white sign "Jomafjellet". Jorid & Anders Selliås is the owners, they will greet you with open arms, and they will make sure that you will have a fantastic stay while you are stying at the cabin "Solgløtt". They might even light up the wood stove before you arrive, to be sure you arrive to a warm toasty cabin. The cabin is located at a perfect spot to explore from. Some fantastic nature in the aria with fishing and high tops to deep forests. Jorid and Anders can give you tips on what to do near by, and we in Tundra Tours can guide you if you so wish. It is a fab place to stay for both families, as well as bigger groups.  The cabin is only located 2min from our kite spot, and with its 3 bedrooms, it rooms up to 7 people. This cabin is available both summer and winter. Rental for the entire cabin only 1500,- per night. Be sure to bring your own food and drinks for your stay, as well as your own sleeping bag. Lets go and explore!





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