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Our Arctic Training courses and tours winter 2021

Many people have a dream of doing a polar skiing expedition. The Børgefjell mountain range in Namdalen between Namsskogan and Røyrvik in North-Trøndelag is the perfect spot for just that. Miles of beautiful tundra is situated in the same area where the native Sami people have herded reindeer for generations. Herding reindeer is still a common occupation among the Sami and we might see some of their animals during the expedition. We might even see the Wolverine or the Polar fox that are native to this area. Or perhaps the extraordinary northern light - Aurora Borealis, we have yet to be disappointed! We might experience both whiteout and extreme weather as it changes fast on the mountain. But that’s the whole experience as an explorer isn’t it?! Our homes will either be in our Lavvo or in our Helsport x-trem polar tents this depends on which tour you choose. An experienced guide will be with you all the way but the tour is set up for those of you that want to learn how to plan, choose route and navigate if you so wish. If you choose one of our longer expedition tours you will, as an explorer, really test your own skills in polar conditions. Team work, good spirits and the willingness to push yourself is as important as your stamina to pull a pulk and ski over long distance. After a longer ski expedition, will you have the skills of doing self guided expedition. The rutines and knowledge will be well rehearsed.




Have you ever dreamt of polar exploration? This is a unique, once in a life time experience. Think: Mountain snow, tundra landscapes, Scandinavian woodlands, northern lights/Aurora Borealis, Reindeer and an opportunity to push yourself under the guidance of our experienced guide so that you will have skills in your back pocket any time you need them on the mountain. Build your confidence, risk assess the terrain and snow conditions, orientation, how to stay warm and build a fire. So whether you are a beginner or intermediate we can push you to the next level!

We only take small groups so that you get more one on one hands on training from your guide, Bernie. He always goes the extra mile to make your trip fun and exciting. He has over 20 years experience and many thousands of hours exploring the outdoors. Bernie is also a trained fireman and lifeguard with crisis management training so you will be in safe hands. You may also be lucky to learn a camera trick or two from Bernie as he is a professional photographer.



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