Northern Light Photographer Tour

kr 2.000,00 inc. VAT


Aurora Adventure Tour

With our Professional Photographer

A night dedicated to searching for that beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). We provide to-the-point camera instructions to capture those colourful lights, and then we take you to the best Northern Lights locations in the area. This can be both in Norway and Sweden.


The tour includes an easy-to-grasp night photography crash course, warm meal, snacks, warm drink and all necessary transportation. You will spend the time under one of the clearest skies you have ever seen, as we have no light pollution where we are but of course that is weather permitting. Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional, we invite you to join us on a truly amazing adventure of a lifetime.

Available for small groups only, this excursion caters for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced amateur photographers.

You are welcome to join our tour with or without a camera ūüôā

Rate: NOK 2000,- per person

Duration: 8 – 10 hours.



-Food: Warm meal, hot drinks and snacks

– Tripod

-Photo workshop: After edits of images in Photoshop or Lightroom.

-Professional Picture: We take a photo of you with the Northern Lights in the background for free, weather permitting.


Tour Program

17:30 Meeting at Tundra Tours office at Limingen Gjestegård.

18:00 Introduction on Northern Lights photography (40 min.) ‚Äst a small workshop on night photography in general and Aurora photography in particular.

19:00 Chasing of Aurora. To maximize the time spent outside, we bring food and hot drinks that we eat while we are out under the night sky.

01:00 Р04:00 Return to Limingen Gjestegård



Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience do I need for the photo tour? 
All levels of experience welcome. We recommend a DSLR camera and a tripod for night photography tours.

Do you guarantee that we will see the northern lights?
We don’t guarantee that you will see the northern lights because this phenomenon occurs according to the solar wind and geomagnetic field. Some weeks, you are treated to fantastic displays, repeated several times during the evening. Other times, the snow falls densely, its cloudy or the northern lights simply won’t show. Naturally, the longer you stay and the more time you set aside, the better the odds. We will do our best to take you to a location with the clearest sky during our tours

Do we get our money back if we do not see the Northern Lights?
In case of not seeing lights there are no refunds expected. But you will get an extra free trip the next day if possible. As this is a natural phenomenon we cannot guarantee that you will see the northern lights. Therefor we can not guarantee to see the northern lights on every tour.

Can I cancel the tour ?
Yes as long as you cancel your tour within 7 days (1 week) before your trip with us. Please note that refunds takes between 5 – 10 working days.

Can I book northern lights trip several days, and If lucky to see good lights the first day(s) cancel all following days?

No, we ask you not to do that.

It will not be fair to others we have to say no to, if you book more days than you actually plan to join, and then decide to cancel some trips last minute since you have seen enough northern lights the first day(s).

It creates chaos to us, since we then need to spend hours trying to find others to take your seat(s), and maybe we even need to rearrange vehicles and guides.

We hope people join the trips they have booked. There will always be a new experience no matter what. The northern lights will never be the same. It can be different colours, different shapes, different brightness and very different pictures. We also drive to various different locations giving you amazing and varying backdrops for your northern light shots.

How long will the tour take?
Between 7 ‚Äď 10 hours. Depending on the weather and the northern lights.

Do you ever cancel any trips?

As long as the weather allows us to drive we never cancel any tours. But if there is a storm on the mountain, we will not take the risk to go out. Bad weather can also damage your camera gear. If this happens, we will make sure you get a new chance to catch the northern lights. We can’t risk your health, to see the northern lights. Safety comes first for all our guests and staff members.

When is the best time to see Northern Lights?

Northern lights can be seen between the months of late September to early April.

Solar activity and weather on the mountain are both very unpredictable, so you can not plan ahead which dates that will be the best unfortunately. We have northern lights at an average every second day, therefor the¬†best way to try to secure that you will see the northern lights,¬†is to have enough days set aside¬†in R√łyrvik.