Acapulka Scandic Tour 170

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This is our favourite pulk that we use here at Tundra Tours. This pulk was developed for hard work in both the Arctic and Antarctic. It’s a real hybrid pulk. Man hauling or kiting, its doing its job, effective and reliable. A real allround expedition pulk.


The high, round bow section provides strength and excellent movability through tough ice conditions. The overall dimensions offer floating abilities needed when moving on sea ice.
63 cm width makes this pulk a very stable one. This is also reflected through the
bottom design of the pulk. It  is designed to create a maximum of stability.
Therefore its very good to use in combination with kites, on days with favorable winds.


If you usually go on tours with a lavvu and lavvu oven, then this is the perfect pulk for you. It has loads room for just that, pluss all your extra gear.


It’s the first model that is designed to fit perfectly to Acapulka’s new runner system, which is unique.
The milled runners increases the gliding abilities significantly compared  to flat runner surfaces that have been the standard until now. Experienced Polar Explorers were astonished of its effects, when testing these runners.

The pulks can be nested ( put into each other) when transported or stored.

Technical Data

name Expedition Tour 170
weight 8 kg
length 170 cm
max. width 63 cm
volume > 600 l
construction Glassfibre reinforced Polyester Handlayup
body Glassfibres
Polyester Resins
color: standard white
cover 500 DEN Cordura fabric
tightening straps
lift handles
color: standard red
dragging bar/rope pickup SS fitting
runners STSR runners, replaceable
art. no. 5-170-0
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