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This is Acapulka’s unique dragging bar system that fits all the Acapulka’s on the market.
Completely separable and easy to transport.
Extremely strong but elastic. With a far higher safety
aspect than conventional dragging bars, that other pulks makers provide.
This is what you need when kiting, ski-trekking or you are on expeditions.


The main focus is: safety, functionality and easy transportation.
This dragging bar system lets you control the pulk in all types of situations
and at all types of speeds. Still its not too stiff, elasticity means safety and longer life.
With measurements of 106x13x3cm packed in the transport bag, its easy to transport.


We managed to complete this task, with a completely separable, more safe and lighter dragging bar system than any other on the market.
The glass fibre tubes and the H-part are thread over the wire and secured with an eyebolt.
All dragging forces are distributed through the wire to the pulk.
The tubes only  control the pulks direction and keep distance to the skier in a downhill track.
The forces on the tubes are considerably lower in this construction.
In other words, the risk of a breaking tube is significantly reduced.
In the unlikely event of a breaking tube, the wire keeps the broken parts in place.
Some tape or rope and a tent plug e.g, would be enough to repair it and continue the trip.



This is unique with its design.
Due to the fact that there are no pulling forces on the tubes this kind of repair would do the job.
After the trip, the broken tube can easily be replaced with a new one. No tools required.
The carbine hook is big enough to be used with thick gloves.
All steel parts are made of A4 stainless steel.
Rust will not appear. The dragging system is delivered in a transportation/storage bag.


Technical  Data

name Dragging Bar “Wire System”
weight 1700 g
length 185 cm /packdims 106x13x3cm
sections 5
construction Manufactured tube parts assembled over a wire
with swage terminals eye bolts
tubes Multiaxial glassfibretubes
Color: black
pulk attachment Fork terminals and special hinges
(all in stainless steel)
harness attachment Eye bolt and Carbine Hook
all in stainless steel
optional aluminium carbine hook
H-part Welded aluminium tube
art. no. 910-3
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