Trøndelag Best Snowkiting Course


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Our course spots winter 2019/2020

Join Trøndelag BEST snowkiting course with snow and wind guarantee! We have three favorite spots in Namdalen's kite nirvana! Røyrvik and Namsskogan both near Børgefjell National Park and Gjeitfjellet in Grong near Bjørgan ski center. This year we are really excited to announce that we will also hold courses on Saltfjellet in Helgeland! Our 2,5 day course will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to snowkiting. The goal of the course is to teach you how to safely snowkite on your own. Tundra Tours will provide the instructor and all the necessary kite gear such as helmets, harnesses and the kites. You need to bring your own skies (if not you can rent) and preferably your own helmet. Be sure to have appropriately warm clothes for outdoor use in arctic conditions. More info about what you need to bring etc. is provided when booking. Accommodation can be organised through us. Choose from Limingen Gjestegård (Hotel) in Røyrvik, "Tundra Tours" cabin in Røyrvik or Namsen-inn (Hotel) in Namsskogan.

Have you been on one of our courses previously? If so, don't forget to join our Kite Camps that we have throughout the winter which are specifically tailored for those who have learned how to kite but want to take their skills to the next level or simply want to refresh their skills. This is a perfect way to just simply have fun and hang with other kiters. See you on the mountain!



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